Friday, 18 September 2009

New Sounds #1 - Surfer Blood

By the end of October Surfer Blood will be everywhere - on every blog, in every edition of your favourite fanzines and on the pages of the new music sections of every major music magazine. Why? Because by the end of October the West Plam Beach quartet will have played a mammoth eight shows at this year's CMJ plus another two Brookly shows on top of that.

They've already been shown the love by Pitchfork and our friends over at Sound Bites for their hook filled, surfer Shins via Weezer rock. Tracks such as 'Swim (To Reach The End)' and 'Floating Vibes' are packed with chiming melodies that sometimes venture into stadium sized cataclysms - masking the melancholic subject matter like the sunny disposition hiding the dark underbelly of your favourite beach-side escape.

Their debut album 'Astro Coast' is released very soon, we'll bring you more news of release dates/label when we have them.

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