Monday, 21 September 2009

The Drums @ The Flowerpot, London - 19-09-09

TTG ventured across the road (we like it when we don't have to travel too far to gigs) to The Flowerpot in Kentish Town on Saturday for the debut UK show by much blogged about Brooklynites The Drums. The venue was packed, with plenty of industry figures venturing to North London for the night and a rather plump looking Boy George too.

Taking to the stage just after 10pm, The Drums were instantly able to brush off any ideas that they were all hype and no substance, injecting enough energy into the room to power the lights for the rest of the year. Front man Jonathan Pierce provides an all action focal point (ably helped by the maniacal tamborine playing of Jacob Graham), his dance moves finding some previously unknown link from Morrissey to Ann-Margaret in Bye Bye Birdy while guitarist Adam Kessler gives us the shimmering riffs.

There's a lot more to this band also than the surf sounds of break out track 'Let's Go Surfing', the set opening pair of 'Best Friends' and 'Me and the Moon' for instance showing they have an ear for a big hook while 'Don't Be A Jerk, Johnny' and 'When I Come Home' showcased The Drums abilities to provide us with sing-a-long choruses at every turn.

The only complaint TGG had was the amount of backing tracks used throughout the set, including the now iconic whistles on the aforementioned 'Let's Go Surfing'. But this was a minor quibble during what proved to be a great performance from a band which had a lot to live up to.

Check out some footage from the gig below:

The full set list was:

Best Friends
Me and the Moon
Make You Mine
Don't Be A Jerk, Johnny
Let's Go Surfing
Saddesr Summer Ever
I Felt Stupid
When I Come Home
Forever And Ever, Amen

Download MP3s:
Let's Go Surfing
I Felt Stupid
Me and the Moon

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