Friday, 25 September 2009

Bodebrixen @ The Old Blue Last, London - 22-09-09

Some people in East London need to learn how to smile, Bodebrixen were sent to teach them how. They are like Los Campesinos! on Alphabeat flavoured acid and tonight they are in full on party mood. The oh-too-serious, wrist slashing indie kids of the OBL don't know which way to look.

Mainly the musical output of two men, Aske Bode and Andreas Brixen, Bodebrixen flesh out to eight when performing live and they are squuezed onto the tiny stage alongside a multitude of balloons and other inflatables. The songs are unshamedly pop and happy as hell with most of the band holding their smiles in place for the full set.

Tracks such as 'Keychain' and 'Clock Radio' have that perfect sing-a-long pop angle that the Scandinavians do so well, and the formers Na na na na na na hook is repeatedly played on loop in our heads well into the next day. There is a definite naivete to Bodebrixen's music that is missing in most British acts, they play for the fun of it - not to look cool to their friends and possible conquests. And to be honest it makes for refreshing change.

The set is closed with confetti and the inflatables strewn across the room and smiles beaming across (most) peoples faces. East London might not be their target audience but Bodebrixen have won over at least a few of them tonight.

The set list was:

Suit Your Needs
Traditional Jazz
Clock Radio
Year Is Dying
Dead Man
Own Company

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